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Our plan of revenue sharing is very simple and gives you the opportunity to get commissions on all Affiliates SX products. Each of our members boosts their own traffic. The greater the amount of traffic you send, the higher the commissions.

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You will find an amazing variety of offers of products ready to promote with tools specifically designed to optimize traffic. Our goal is that our members enjoy the best conversion rates with the best brands of the moment for casino games, poker rooms, roulette and slots.

Payment methods

We have selected a variety of secure payment methods for our affiliates. Payments are carried out on the 15th of each month though the payment method.

About Us

With a huge know-how in game development, we have specialized in the world of gambling and casino. Currently we have millions of fans of our games.


The advantages of our affiliates is that they are appreciated and well rewarded for the work they do. You can increase your commissions each month with little effort through new affiliates you capture. That way you can increase your benefits and you also obtain benefits with the traffic generated by affiliates who have been referred by you.


Find out the possibilities for the mobile world. SX Affiliates is one of the pioneers in developing platforms for mobile traffic tools to optimize and achieve maximum benefits. Games are developed with HTML5 code compatible with iOS and Android in order to cover more than 80% of world traffic.

Commission Plan

We offer the best market commissions.
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Our plan for revenue sharing is very simple and gives you the opportunity to earn commissions on all products. Each of our members driving their own traffic , the greater the amount of traffic you send , the greater your commissions. SX Affiliates offers the best percentages of profits , payments for registration and referral SX Affiliates. Remember that your earnings will increase as traffic increases , effective optimization campaigns will get goals. See the following tables of commissions.

Our main policy is NOT to accumulate negative balance to any of our affiliates*

Table of commissions

RS commissions

With the Revenue Sharing Model (Profit sharing) we will share gains. A percentage of the money deposited by your players will directly go to your account.
Gain in terms of money wagered by your players. This model seems to work best for thematic portals and websites gambling and any other portal that provide "hard" players.

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